EqualQuality products come from European and Asiatic suppliers, carefully chosen to assure our clients the best quality and the usage of the best technologies, the best molds, the best row materials available on the market.

Most of all as regards this last aspect, EQ, in step with its environment friendly vocation, mainly uses recycled materials that are both input and output in the productive chain.
The result is a range of products that respect technical and qualitative OEM standards.
We also give attention to our products’ packaging, to better guarantee their integrity during movements and transport.
Thanks to the synergic work with TECDOC and KROMEDA SOLERA databases, our products have a very restricted and always decreasing error margin.

  • PP

Polypropylene, abbreviated in PP, is a thermoplastic material, semicrystalline, resistant and rigid and it melts at 165 degrees.
Thanks to non-polarity structure, PP is really chemically resistant: it keeps its properties in front of water-based solutions containing salts, acids and strong alkali.


from 0.90 to 0.91 g/cm3


Partially crystalline (among 60% and 70%)

Mechanical Characteristics:

Great rigidity, hardness and mechanical resistance in comparison to the PE Minor resistance to the bump in comparison to the PE

Electric quality:

Favorable (independent from the frequency) dielectric characteristics it Possesses a good electrostatic position

Characteristic thermal:

Temperature superscript 110°C (more elevated for strengthened types)

Temperature of fusion 158-168°C Behavior to the combustion and start to become fragile to 0°C (lower for modified types).

Among its main features we can focus on:

  •  High chemical resistance
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Easy to manufacture both for shaping and for welding

Its main applications in the Automotive area :

  • Dashboards
  • Bumpers
  • Body parts

EqualQuality put into practice a productive chain fully based on recycled materials, that became also output of this productive process.
It’s a cyclic process in which EQ also supplies its own suppliers with this material, so that we can always assure in every moment the high quality of the raw material used for our products.
EQ uses and sells PP in many colors and modifications.
We have, for example, white PP, natural and really high quality, still raw; black PP with or without CaCO3; PP-PE, more fluid variation used for  filters’ plastic parts; PP-EPDM, more resistant than others and used to realize bumpers.


Body parts are realized with accurately tested and certified material, with die casting molds.
Our suppliers use ecologic primer so that dye sticks to the product without imperfections.


Articles made of aluminum and other metals, realized with laser cut.
They are fixed through the best gluing and welding techniques.
We offer to our clients different thickness’ sheets, according to the OE standard.
They all go under a cataphoretic process to make them maximum resistant to corrosion.


The actual rear-view mirrors have always more integrated mechanisms inside them and are always more complex.
Our suppliers, OE certified, use IJ printing for the external part and the most suitable process for the kind of glass.
Us and our suppliers keep on investing in equipment that can help R&D in order to have always technologically advanced products which can assure the correct visibility and consequently higher security levels.



Our power windows regulators are produced by OE suppliers according to the highest quality standards.
Products are strictly tested in an equipped laboratory to verify their resistance; each article undergoes functional trials such as translation speed, maximum impact loading, static test, simulator test, endurance test, motor protection switch test, break-in test.


Our handles undergo stress tests simulating their vital cycle to better define design standards and suitable materials.
Also our handles come from OE suppliers, always trying to improve the quality of their products.


Our OE suppliers have their gas springs tested to resist more than 100.000 open-close cycles, vibrations and to assure the right operation at temperatures between -40 to +80 degrees.
Strength, length and nitrogen gas pressure are parameterized on the base of the load to support.


Technologic innovation in the windscreen production field leads OE suppliers to relentless research of new solutions to guarantee drivers the best quality standards in terms of security, protection and efficiency.
We have the most up-to-date products, provided with technologies such as light and rain detectors, self-heated, encapsulated, laminated, solar, athermic, acoustic isolated windscreens and more; our offer is also made of different shapes windscreens, for example panoramic screens.


Our products are characterized for a high resistance and thermic stability.   Production methodology changes according to the thickness needed.
Our tempered glasses are designed and realized to resist up to 75 degrees.
Inside the glasses many antenna functions have been implemented, for example GPS, TV, FM, AM and HCD.
Even for our tempered glasses we offer really high levels of acoustic, visual, thermic and atmospheric comfort, as well as drivers’ safety and protection.


The accurate selection of raw materials ensures that the gaskets can stick perfectly to the application surface.
Our gaskets guarantee high acoustic and thermic isolation and the maximum longevity.


Our suppliers always keep up with the evolution of the state of the art as regards head lamps elements.
The constant technological development makes our products always up-to-date and respondent to the most recent standars, using the most innovative technologies: in fact, we have products such as LED, FULL LED, ADAPTIVE and BIXENON lamps. In this way we can assure our clients a better visibility and consequently more safety, which is certainly one of our priorities.