EqualQuality has a central logistical platform in Salerno and three peripheral platforms, for a total covered surface of 30.000 m2, allocated on the national territory to better provide fast service in Italy or abroad : one in Bologna to serve North Italy, one in Naples for the center and one in Bari for the South and abroad.

The platform in Salerno is organized in 3 working turns in order to assure almost the full 24h covering.

  • IN:

We have more than 55.000 articles always available from stock that allow us to cover more than 2.000 different car models from 50 car manufactures.
Each year the platform in Salerno has an income of more or less 500 containers.

  • OUT:

Monthly delivered about 25.000 orders, that means more than 100.000 items.
With 450.000 stocked items we guarantee our customers to get minimum 95% of their orders.

Delivery guaranteed in 24h.